Our Company - Thermo-Delta Ltd.

A Thermo Delta Ltd. started to walk with Wuhan Guide Infrared Technology Co., Ltd. in 2006. As the only distributor in Hungary we tend to hungarian customers and resellers too.

Our colleges have many years experience in thermography and possess a skill to international certifications. We are at your service in any technical questions.


Residence: 7030 Paks, Jedlik Ányos utca 2.
Domicile:HU-7435 Mernye, Kossuth tér 3.
Postal address:HU-7030 Paks, Jedlik Ányos utca 2.
Tel.:+36 75/510-115, +36 30/696-04-81, +36 30/649-35-16, +36 70/704-60-84
Fax: +36 75/510-114
Email: info@thermodelta.hu, zsnagy@thermodelta.hu, baksaig@thermodelta.hu