Top-end IR Thermographic Cameras ThermoPro™ TP8 & TP8S

ThermoPro TP8 Improved on the most advanced IR package available now, integrating multiple technologies never used in the industry. ThermoPro TP8 & TP8S are another ingenious solutions Guide IR provides for professional IR thermographers around the world. In a rugged, compact and durable magnalium casing, ThermoProTMTP8 & TP8S offers a wide assortment of unexpected features that enable thermographers to work with unprecedented efficiency and productivity.

Thermo ProTM TP8S the standard version of Thermo ProTM TP8 is now available. The TP8S has the same technical features like the TP8 except two. It don’t has the Bluetooth data transfer technology and it works in -20°C -600 °C temperature range.

New-generation high-performance IR detector (384× 288 pixels, 35μm)

ThermoPro TP8 Utilizing the latest generation high-performance IR detector with over 110000 pixels (35μm× 35μm each), the camera offers extraordinary high resolution, high sensitivity and high accuracy presented by real-time, noise-free 16-bit thermal images.

Crisp thermal and visual imaging and more

With a 384× 288 IR camera and a color 1280× 1024 visual camera incorporated in the same unit, operators can simply locate the scene to be inspected, snap the shutter and then have both high-resolution thermal and visual images taken and saved together in a single file with one name. The integrated laser locator also helps operators accurately associate a hot spot shown in thermal images with the real physical target. Documenting infrared inspections gets much faster and more certain.

High thermal sensitivity and precise temperature measurement

Offering an unmatched high thermal sensitivity of 0.08°C and high temperature measurement accuracy of ±1°С or ±1%, the camera enables operators to pinpoint the smallest temperature difference quickly and clearly.

Intelligent onboard analysis

Auto indication of hot spot and the image center. One cursor automatically indicates the position and temperature of the hottest spot within the image. Another cursor always stays at the image center to show its temperature and provides a reference for inspection analysis.

Audible and visible alarms

Audio alarm will automatically trigger for a spot with temperature exceeding the value preset by operators. For power insufficiency, both audio and video alarm will activate.

Multiple measurement modes

Simultaneous eight-spot & eight-area analysis, line profile, isotherm and histogram analysis and ×1- ×10 continuous electronic zoom function expedite comprehensive probe for and pinpointing of potential problems.

Auto memory of customized setting & Easy resumption of default setting

Your preferred camera settings will remain after re-switching on. Pressing only one button will resume all the default settings of the camera.

Real-time radiometric recording and JPEG image storage

ThermoPro TP8

The large-capacity SD card lays a foundation for the real-time recording. The recording captures dynamic radiometric sequences of moving targets at different frame frequency. Sequences, as well as images that are stored in Windows-friendly JPEG file format, can be played back on the camera or transferred to a PC for further analysis.

2GB SD memory card stores both fully radiometric recording and fully radiometric JPEG images associated with temperature measurement and voice annotation. Both of them can be easily and rapidly downloaded from the camera to PC.

Bluetooth voice recording technology

30-second or more digital clip of voice annotation can be stored with each image. A wireless Bluetooth headset eliminates all cable connections, increasing operator’s safety.

Intelligent automatic speech recognition system

Control the camera by voice only. Free operators’ hands and enable unprecedented working efficiency.

Robust post-processing software

ThermoPro TP8 Offering extensive range of temperature measuring, image processing, report generating, video recording and camera control functions, the easy-to-operate Windows- based software highly automates the process of reporting and archiving infrared and visual images, videos and voice, improving professional thermographers’ productivity and efficiency.

Plug-and-play USB2.0 interface enables fast downloading of fully radiometric recording and images including temperature measurement and voice annotation.

ThermoPro TP8

Technical Specifications

Imaging Performance
Detector type: Uncooled FPA microbolometer (384× 288 pixels, 35μm)
Spectral Range: 8-14µm
Thermal Sensitivity: 0.08°С at 30°С (Frame averaging algorithm)
Field of View/ Focus: 22° x 16° / 35mm
Focus Automatic or motorized
Electronic Zoom: ×1 to ×10 continuous zoom
Built- in Digital Video: CMOS Sensor, 1280× 1024 pixels, 215 colors
Image Presentation
External Display: 3.5"" high resolution color VGA LCD, 640× 480 pixels
Viewfinder: 0.6"" built-in high resolution color OLED, 640× 480 pixels
Video Output: VGA/PAL/ NTSC switchable
Image Display: Thermal image alone/ Visual image alone/ Picture in picture
Man-Machine Communication
Remote Control Handle (optional) : Respond as per operators' operation
Auto Speech Recognition: Automatically recognize and react to operators' voice commands
Joystick & Buttons: Respond as per operators' operation
Touch Screen: Present and receive operator's commands given by touch
Menü: Microsoft® Windows style
Temperature Range: TP8 -20 °С- +800°С (down to -40 °С, up to +2000°С optional)
TP8S -20 °С- +600°С (down to -40 °С, up to +2000°С optional)
Accuracy: ±1°С or ±1% of reading
Measurement Modes: Auto hot/cold spot , auto alarm for temperature above or below ; 10 movable spots,10 movable & changeable areas displaying either max, min, or average, vertical & horizontal line profile, delta-t, histogram & isotherm in live/zoomed/frozen/saved image & video
Emissivity Correction: Variable from 0.01 to 1.00 (in 0.01 increment)
Measurement Features: Automatic correction based on distance, relative humidity, atmospheric transmission and external optics
Optics Transmission Correction: Auto, based on signals from sensors
Image Storage
Type: Removable 2GB SD card or built-in flash memory
File Format: JPEG (an individual file consists of infrared image, visual image, voice annotation and text annotation if any)
Voice Annotation: Up to 60 seconds per file Bluetooth wireless headset
Text Annotation: Selected from preset texts
Live Video Recording & Measurement & Storage
Recording: Thermal video recording to PC via USB2.0
Measurement: The same as image
Storage: In PC, capacity dependent on PC hard disk capacity
Optional Lenses
Field of View/ Focus: 7.7°× 5.8°/ 100mm
45,6° x 35° /16mm
Laser Locator
Classification Type: Class 2 semiconductor laser
Power System
Battery Type: Rechargeable Li-ion Camcorder battery, field- replaceable
Charging System: In camera or in battery charger
Battery Operating Time: Over 2.5 hours continuous operation
External Power Operation: AC adapter 110/ 220 V AC, 50/ 60Hz
USB2.0 Real-time data transfer to PC & real-time control of the camera on PC
RS232 communication: Control of camera on PC
Environmental Specification
Operating Temperature: -20°С~+60°С(-40°С~+70°С optional)
Storage Temperature: -20°С~+60°С(-40°С~+70°С optional)
Humidity Operating and storing 10% to 95%, non- condensing
Encapsulation: IP54 IEC 529 housing
Shock: Operational: 30G, IEC 68-2-29
Vibration: Operational: 3G, IEC 68-2-6
Physical Characteristics
Housing: Magnalium
Weight 0.85kg (excluding battery & LCD); 1.1kg (including battery & LCD)
Size: 186mm×106mm× 83mm (standard model)
Tripod Mounting: 1/4""- 20